Our History

The Gauchos Rural Tour is born from a passion: the horse, it's everything that rapresents in this solitair rural world.
Two friends with the same passions join their forces giving life to this dream.
Building the desire of living in past, the field, breed and produce in a natural way with rhythms of the seasons.
From this union of ideas and intents starts and develops this project. Dreams and reality fuse together materializing giving birth to the Gauchosruraltour.
The goal is to give to those who desire the posibility of living an unforgettable experience in these places where life continues their path in the natural rhythms.
Admiring the grass and clouds at the horizont, riding the king of pampas " the Criollo horse".
Giorgio and Mario will wait for you and they aspect that their friends who enjoyed this experience once will return.


credits: lucianotomasinstudio.com