You'll have the chance not only to live a horses lover holiday, but also an ideal vacation for families, with the possibility to have both these things. You will be guided in journeys to very interesting and particular touristic places in this country.
We offer a pickup with the driver for rent, with whom you will reach different destinations of touristic interest in the territory of the Flores Region. The Andresito lake, the cave paintings of Chamanga from 5000 years ago or the Gruta del Palacio, a limestone formation of columns of worldwide interest, which is part of the Unesco's World Heritage Sites, a unique 70.000.000 year old formation.
The reserva de flora y fauna, Trinidad's natural park, is the most important Uruguayan park, and also the beautiful parks and public gardens of Trinidad, capital of the department deserve a look. We would go to Punta del Este, to Colonia del Sacramento or to Rio Negro and its marvellous lagoons. We won't miss a trip in Montevideo's Market, with its "Paseo" and the long beach of Rio de la Plata. Lots of more things to see over the green dunes everywhere, where an infinite and always changing horizon will steal your hearts.
You should also find some moments to practice bird watching, due to the great amount of variety of multicolored birds that populate this area. Fishy rivers will give you the opportunity to fish the "Dorado", a big and fighting fish.
Also you'll have the possibility to visit the big markets and the cattle auctions that take places evert saturday and sunday in every city, with rodeos, horses run and a lot more: in all these representations a lot of colorful people is always involved.
We also arrange a two day trip to the Iguazu's falls, at the borders between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.


credits: lucianotomasinstudio.com