Where we are

Flores region in Uruguay is a corrugated territory with a prevailing attitude of cattle, sheep and horses breeding. Like all the Uruguay it's crossed by a great amount of rivers and torrents with the formation of small lakes and ponds used for livestock watering and full of fishes and water birds.
The land is a continous variation of green dunes and long plains with slopes of eucaliptos and other varieties of trees typical in the Mediterranean weather, mixed with sub-equatorial trees.
The weather is mild, never cold, with hot summers, never muggy because of the winds. In the wintertime the temperatures generally never reach the zero celsius degrees.
A lot of birds lives here, so you will easily see parrots, hummingbirds (picaflor) and nandù, the typical pampa ostrich. Of course you will see here more and more other animals typical from the South-America.


credits: lucianotomasinstudio.com